What is casting production

Casting production is a complex thermoforming process, and the production of a casting is limited in many ways.
Usually, a suitable production method is determined according to the structural complexity, quantity, precision requirements, material, size, processing, surface treatment requirements, inspection requirements, etc. of the product. It is impossible for a casting to be produced by all production methods.
In addition, the mold cost and development cost required for the production of castings are very high, and the development cycle is also very long, which is a huge cost input to the enterprise. Generally, a simple product development takes more than half a year, and the cost is as high as tens of thousands of yuan. For some more complex products, the development cycle will be more than 2 years, and the development cost will be hundreds of thousands of yuan or even higher. From this point of view, enterprises will carefully choose the production method in the development stage, and once it is determined, it will not be changed.

Post time: Sep-13-2022