Quality Control

Our quality inspection tools substantially cover the normal and special inspection as follows:

Material control- normal inspection items.

● Spectrometer: To inspect the chemical elements at 3 stages-incoming inspection, melting inspection and pouring inspection

● Metallurgical Microscope: To check the metallographic structure and morphology.

● Hardness tester: To check the hardness of test bar and product body

● Tensile strength test machine: To inspect the strength and elongation of the material

Inner defects control – special inspection items.

● Cutting inspection: Normally do at sample period. Will do if request in mass production.

● Ultrasonic to check the inner porosity. Will do if request.

● Magnetic particle test: To check the surface crack. Will do if request.

●X-ray test to check the inner defects. Subcontracted, will do if request.

Dimension and surface control:

● Calipers for normal raw parts dimension inspection. Sample inspect and spot inspect during production.

● Special gauge made for important dimension: 100% inspect

● CMM: For precision machined parts inspection. Sample and shifts inspection.

● Scanning inspection: subcontracted, will do if request.

All these tools are either applied in the production or after the production to ensure a safe process and safe result.

Material analysis - spectrometer

Metallurgical microscope

Hardness tester

Tensile Stength test machine

Metallurgical photo for iron material

Metallurgical photo for stainless steel 304

Dimension inspection

CMM for dimesion inspection