Die casting workshop

Investment casting workshop

The die casting workshop includes high pressure die machine 6 sets and low pressure die machine 4 sets. Currently, we are producing parts for wind power generation, auto parts, Chemical machinery, Medical equipment and so on. The main material applicable is various aluminum and zinc such as:

A356/A319/A413/A380/A390/A360/ADC10/ADC12/   ZL101/ZL102/ZL104/ZL107/LM6/LM/20/LM25/   

EN AC-42100/EN AC-42200/EN AC-43000/EN AC-43200/EN AC-43300/EN AC-43400/EN AC-44200/EN AC-44300/EN AC-46000/ENAC-46100/ENAC-46200/ENAC-46500/ENAC-47100/zinc