Together with Neuland – Marketing team building

Summer has come and all of us will have an even brighter future. It is time to go into nature and enjoy the happy time. We, the marketing team, has gotten ready to set off on 27th June.

This time the wonderful place we choose is BAODU ZHAI, so the fitness campaign is mountain climbing. We have done team activities every month. If you have any wonderful idea, please tell us. And also you can join us. It is time to show our spirit of the team- togetherness, spirit and passion. In the marketing and solution providing for the client all over the world, it is also the spirit to let us do better and better.

Neuland Metals

As we all know Neuland Metals is in the metal manufacturing industries for almost 20 years. Different metal production method and metal material, can create different metal product among so many other applications. Through our inspired thinking, assured solutions, integrated delivery and long-term expertise, we deliver safe, reliable and innovative bespoke energy solutions enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Now we have supplied different metal products for clients from all over the world, such as trailer hitches and a complete line of towing products, valve for gas, oil or others, machining parts, the casting iron or forged parts of heavy-duty truck, such as coupling, shackle, alloy steel eye hooks, Cast Steel Sheaves parts, aluminum die casting and permanent mold casting… and accessories of motor vehicles, stamping metal parts, and so on.

One of our biggest advantages is the world-class engineers and professionals, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our people to create long-term strategic partnerships and deliver for our clients. So we can improve resilience, reduce costs and enable our clients to operate sustainably.

An extraordinary milestone is reaching in 2021, which opens the door to an even brighter future. Let’s sail on together and cheers together.

Post time: Jul-02-2021