The difference between strong spin and normal spin

Spinning can be divided into ordinary spinning and strong spinning according to the deformation characteristics of metals.  Although they are a kind of processing technology at the same time, but there are certain differences in the technique and the effect of processing. The following provides the constant spinning of spinning parts to tell you what the main difference is by contrast.

spinning parts

Under normal spinning, the wall thickness and surface area of the blank are basically unchanged, and only the shape of the blank is changed.  This method is used to press a variety of thin-walled aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other daily necessities, such as lampshades, cooking utensils and handicrafts.

When the strong spinning, the shape and thickness of the blank are changed, and the strong spinning is divided into conical parts and cylindrical parts.  When the conical part is spun with force, the movement of the metal conforms to the sinusoidal law, which is pure shear deformation.  This method is used to produce conical parts and hemispherical parts with equal and variable wall thickness.

By contrast with Newland Metal, you can see the difference between strong spinning and ordinary spinning, and it is because of the difference in strength, so their actual application areas are also different.  So in the production of different spinning parts when the choice of technology is also different.

Post time: Sep-17-2022