Prospect analysis of 2022 casting factory

Due to the continuous improvement of China’s industrialization, China has become a big country in mold manufacturing and mold trade in the world. According to the statistics of China mold industry association, according to the nature classification, plastic molds accounted for the largest proportion of the total sales revenue of China’s mold sub industry in 2020, accounting for about 45%; Stamping die accounts for about 37%; Casting mould accounts for about 9%; Other types of molds account for about 9%. At present, the trading market of China’s mold industry is developing very rapidly. The arrival of industry 4.0 will push the development of China’s mold industry to a new height. The manufacturing technology of mold products has reached or approached the international level, the quality is more reliable, and the international competitiveness has been significantly enhanced. China’s mold occupies a more and more important position in the international procurement pattern.
With the development of modern industry, molds have been widely used in construction, transportation, automobile, energy, consumer electronics and other fields. According to different processing and forming methods, molds can be divided into stamping molds, die-casting molds, forging molds, casting molds, extrusion molds and other molds.
Mold is a supporting product of automobile, household appliances, communication, tire, consumer electronics and other manufacturing industries. Its product performance must meet the needs of various industries. The manufacturing industry is related to the mold industry. Mold is known as the “mother of all industries”. The management department of the mold industry formulates industrial policies, guides technological upgrading and technological transformation, and implements other macro-control measures, which plays a macro-control role in planning and monitoring the development of the industry and contributes to the healthy and orderly development of the mold industry. The mold industry is highly related to many industries and involves a wide range. The continuous development of the downstream market also drives the rapid development of China’s mold industry. Especially as the global manufacturing industry shifts to China, driving the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry will also bring new growth opportunities to the mold industry. The level of mold manufacturing has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country’s manufacturing industry, and it is also one of the important guarantees for a country’s industrial products to maintain international competitiveness.

According to the analysis of the Research Report¬† “Research Report on investment prospect analysis and supply and demand pattern of casting mold Market from 2022 to 2027″
At present, all industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development of mold manufacturing industry, not only because the mold industry accounts for a high proportion in the machinery industry of various countries, but also because the mold industry can provide important processing tools and technical support for the development and application of new technologies and new products. Therefore, the mold industry is known as the “magnetic industry” of “turning iron into gold” in Europe, America and other industrial developed countries
In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s national economy and the improvement of people’s income level, the demand of the consumer market for consumer goods such as automobiles, communications, electronics and household appliances has increased rapidly, which has made these industries enter the stage of rapid development, which has indirectly become an important driving force for the rapid development of China’s mold industry.

Post time: May-13-2022