“Ministry of Commerce of China: Stabilizing foreign trade in 2022 is unprecedentedly difficult!

Looking forward to the new year, various national departments have also begun to review the work in 2021 and put forward prospects for the work in 2022.The State Council Information Office held a regular briefing on December 30, 2021, at the meeting. Development made a summary. The meeting was attended by several officials from the Ministry of Commerce, and the key word of this briefing was the word “stable”.First, Ren Hongbin, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, made a speech.

Ren Hongbin mentioned that the stability of my country’s national economic growth in 2021 is inseparable from the rapid growth of foreign trade. As of November 2021, China’s total import and export volume has reached 5.48 trillion US dollars, and the scale of foreign trade has also risen to a new height. , to achieve the goal of stabilizing the quantity and improving the quality. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce has also issued a policy to stabilize foreign trade across cycles. The purpose is to deploy the work in advance, so that the foreign trade in 2022 can also steadily advance and help the stable development of the economy.微信图片_20220507145135

The Ministry of Commerce mentioned the foreign trade situation next year

Ren Hongbin mentioned that it is not easy for China’s foreign trade to achieve such impressive results in 2021, but the foreign trade situation in 2022 will be more complicated and severe, and there may be a “big hurdle” to cross.

The epidemic crisis has not yet turned a corner. In addition, the global economic recovery is not balanced, and the problem of supply chain shortages is also very prominent. Under the influence of these factors, the development of foreign trade will also be seriously affected. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which comes into effect, will also promote trade development next year. Another spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said that RCEP has strong trade creativity and will become a valuable market opportunity.微信图片_20220507145135

The Ministry of Commerce will continue to support the development of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises.

Moreover, RCEP is also conducive to the facilitation of trade, especially in the transportation of goods, electronic signatures, etc., which will play a strong role in promoting the growth of export trade.

From a macro perspective, the trade momentum in 2022 is very good, so how can entities and individuals seize the opportunity? What measures will the Ministry of Commerce take to promote trade development? In this regard, the person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce called the consolidation and improvement of export credit. The Ministry of Commerce will continue to provide more preferential and convenient policies for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in

the future to allow them to develop, and the Ministry of Commerce will also promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade. To stabilize the industrial chain, finally, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce also emphasized that some new foreign trade formats will be provided with business models that are more in line with their development.


Post time: May-07-2022