Electric Discharge Machining

The method of dimensional processing of materials by using the corrosion phenomenon produced by spark discharge is called EDM.

cnc EDM

CNC EDM is a computer digitally controlled EDM, which realizes multi-axis linkage machining. CNC EDM realizes automatic control through computer to complete complex and precise EDM. In the actual machining process, the computer sends out commands to control the EDM according to the input program to realize single-axis or multi-axis CNC machining.


There is no direct contact between the tool electrode and the workpiece, but there is a spark discharge gap. This gap is generally between 0.05~0.3mm, and sometimes it may reach 0.5mm or even larger. The gap is filled with working fluid, and the high pressure Pulse discharge, discharge corrosion on the workpiece.

electric discharge machining

Since EDM directly uses electric energy and thermal energy to remove metal materials, it has little to do with the strength and hardness of the workpiece material, so soft tool electrodes can be used to process hard workpieces to achieve “softness overcomes rigidity”.

steel part

It is especially suitable for the processing of workpieces with complex surface shapes, such as complex cavity mold processing. It can process parts with special requirements such as thin-walled, elastic, low-rigidity, tiny holes, special-shaped holes, and deep holes. It can also be used on the mold, processing small text.


Post time: Sep-08-2022