Lifting machinery part Carbon steel, alloy steel

Short Description:

Product name: Lifting machinery part

Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel

Production process: Casting, cutting, precision machining, welding

Unit Weight: 0.5kg-2000kg, 1lbs-4000lbs

Size scope: 5~5000mm, 0.2~200 inch

Customizable or not: Yes

Packing: Carton, plywood cases, pallets

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Origin: China

  • Customization: Yes, based on customer sample or drawings.
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Sample: Available
  • CAD/Solid Works drawing : Acceptable
  • Material: Can be decided by customer
  • Lead time: 2-4 weeks
  • Product Detail

    Product name:Lifting machinery part

    Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel

    Production process: Casting, cutting, precision machining, welding

    Unit Weight: 0.5kg-2000kg, 1lbs-4000lbs

    Size scope: 5~5000mm, 0.2~200 inch

    Customizable or not: Yes

    Packing: Carton, plywood cases, pallets

    Certificate: ISO9001:2008

    Inspection report: Dimension report. Material report including chemical contents, tensile strength, yield strength and hardness. X-ray test report, Ultrasonic test report and Magnetic particle test available upon request.

    Available service: Design optimization, OEM, precision machining, heat treatment, cnc machining, milling, drilling. Painting, powder coating, electroless nickel plating. Zinc Plating, E-coating. HDG, hot galvanizing

    Application: Multi action lifting machinery for lifting and carrying heavy objects vertically and horizontally within a certain range

    Scope of application: Mechanical manufacturing, metal structure, assembly workshop and warehouse for lifting and loading

    Funnel category: According to its structure and performance, it can be divided into four categories: light and small lifting equipment, bridge type lifting machinery, boom type crane and cable crane

    Origin: China

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