Worm gear processing

Worm gear processing
Worm gear processing, worm gear is a gear with special tooth shape that meshes with the worm. The cutting of worm gear teeth is generally completed by hobbing machine, mainly hobbing and flying cutter cutting.
Worm transmission is used to transmit motion and torque between two staggered axes in space. The angle between the two axes can be arbitrary, but the most commonly used is that the two axes are perpendicular to each other in space, and the sum of the axis angles is 90°.
Advantages of worm gear transmission:

The advantages of worm gear transmission are obvious. Its structure is compact, the transmission ratio is large, and the transmission is stable. The vibration, impact and noise are very small. It has self-locking properties under certain conditions.

Transmission disadvantages:

Under the same manufacturing accuracy and transmission ratio, the friction heat of worm gear transmission is large, and the efficiency is lower than that of gear transmission. It is only suitable for medium and small power occasions.

Worm gear transmission is a common transmission form used by plastic gears. For example, our common egg beaters and car glass lifters all use worm gear structures.

Post time: Jun-28-2024